Current Artists

A World of Color
Inspired by scenes that reach across the globe and back home to Virginia, award winning artist, Leanne Fink, creates unforgettable, indelible images in oils. She is a contemporary impressionist. On one level, her work delights viewers with a bright and bold palette. And yet, in that same moment, it reaches through to the heart of the art lover and demands introspection.

Earth and Sky Connection
A collection of encaustic mixed media works by painter, Anne Stine, includes contemporary landscapes of local and eastern coastal destinations. Her expressive application of vibrant color and texture conveys a personal connection between the artist and the natural world. The ancient medium of encaustic (a mixture of beeswax, natural resin and pigment) is the fastest growing art medium worldwide and offers an unique spin on a traditional theme.


Previous Artists


JEFF HALL was raised in the country out side of Detroit where his stepfather taught him woodworking. He further learned precision craftsman skills working in the industrial shops of the motor city. As a self taught Airbrush Artist  Jeff worked his way threw Art College in Baltimore painting his visions on the sculptural curved metal of show cars and motorcycles.

 While in college he was recognized for his craftsmanship and was awarded a scholarship to become a craft major. Metal, wood and clay were a familiar way for him to express his sculptural ideas. Jeff put a good collection of sculptural furniture together and showed extensively. “When I would create sculptural furniture I would build a model out of clay first. I started to enjoy the freedom of working in clay." He took on commissions sculpting architectural ornament where he was approached by master sculptor Frederick Hart one of the 20th centuries premier figure sculptors. Hart is best known for the "Three soldiers" at the Vietnam memorial and the seven figure "Creation" sculpture on the National Cathedral.

For the next eleven years Jeff honed his figurative skills while working on Harts major projects including A 7 ft. bronze statue of President Jimmy Carter for the Carter library And the 7 ft. marble Richard Russell statue in the Senate building, along with works from the Washington National Cathedral.

Mr. Hart once wrote of Jeff's sculpture: "Whose quality of work rivals any in history."  They often talked about the decline of classical figures  sculpture, the deterioration of beauty in art,  and the unseen craftsmanship. These conversations influenced the development of Jeff's architectural brick figure series. After Harts passing in 1999 Jeff continued to realize Mr. Hart’s works in progress until 2007, working for the Hart estate.

 Jeff received his BFA, Cum Lauda, in 1984 From the Maryland Institute college of Art, Baltimore Maryland. He received the James L. Young memorial prize, award for excellence and a merit scholarship for outstanding achievement. Hall has received numerous museum sculpture awards. His ceramic and bronze sculpture has been shown internationally and his architectural sculpture adorns government buildings, churches and estates, including two commissions for the US capitol building, The Park Potomac building, the Turkish Embassy residence and the Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC.


Isabelle Truchon is a French Canadian-American artist working from studios on both the East and West Coast (in Virginia and California). Truchon is well known for her large-scale canvases depicting the wild horses from different regions in the world. Her repertoire is also comprised of paintings depicting trees, and inspirations from nature. Her work can be found in galleries, interior design shops, private homes, restaurants, and wineries. Her piece “Into the Morning Light” was unveiled last year as part of the Private Collection of Ms. Sheila Johnson at the Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, VA. Isabelle just recently relocated to Petaluma, California where she works from her waterfront studio. She plans to also spend a few months working from her East coast studio in the rural Virginia Countryside. Isabelle’s career in fine art evolved from her extensive background as a decorative art painter, designer, and art educator. Isabelle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from The Contemporary Art Department at Shepherd University, WV in 2012.

The abstract art from these two local artists has been celebrated since the May-June exhibit open.

This collection of 66 paintings from 35 artists is drawing rave reviews. More information at


HK Anne is an American landscape artist based in the greater Washington DC area. Her paintings continue in the lineage set by the Hudson River Valley artists of the 19th century, yet record the changing landscape in the 21 century and the emotional connection we have with our environment. Though her work encompasses charcoal, turp, varnish, stand oil, and pigments, the work on display here is exclusively oil on canvas.


Claire started creating fabric sculptures in her birth country of France. Her style of sculpture is a combination of character and form, inspired by strong, independent women who have a soft and feminine figure. Her work is built around strong wire structures that are wrapped in recycled materials, mainly t-shirts. A self-taught artist, Claire has developed a unique style that depicts women of elegance, resilience, and empowerment.


Aleona’s work is inspired by music and dreams, by sight of flowers blooming after rain, purple sunsets in the mountains, or the sun reflecting on the ocean.  The abstract nature of this art reflects the beauty she sees in nature that touches her heart and offers hope and love. Aleona has proven track record in designing haute couture fashion collections which have been shown internationally, but here we are featuring paintings in acrylic and oil on canvas.




Michael Clay was born and raised in Minnesota and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1981.  He is a Virginia-based artist and metal fabricator who works primarily in steel and bronze.  His work explores themes of nature and science in a representational style.  His design work includes sculpture, furniture and metal work with architectural application.  Michael’s work is represented in collections from Washington DC to Los Angeles, California. 


File Jun 07, 11 21 18 AM.jpeg

Fallon Chase's paintings come from a deep appreciation and love for the natural world as well as a fascination with the tension between order and chaos therein. Carefully painted with oil paint on canvas, they are meticulous and layered paintings. Sourcing from historical patterns, magazines, and textiles, Fallon collects botanical patterns that she then incorporates into her paintings. She finds flowers in the world around her like forsythia, roses, and magnolias that make their way into her work. As an untended garden unravels itself, so she seeks to unwind the regimen of pattern by disruption, inconsistency, and incongruity. 


DeeDee studied Fine and Commercial Arts at Memphis State University. After spending many career years as an interior designer and account representative for fabricators of retail environments and later as a mural artist for commercial and residential spaces, DeeDee began exploring her own work expressing her own visions. Subjects like nature, roundness and summer have ensued in her work to the present day.

Previous Artists

Stephanie Hansen is a talented Leesburg artist whose work can be seen at various local dining and Gallery establishments and now, at ART SWEET ART. She has a special fondness for Pop Art and the Diptych style of breaking images into separate pieces that yet communicate as a whole.


Kevin De Landtsheer has evolved over 20 years of making art into the creative artistry of hand forming glass to combine with the metal art handiwork of Walter Deportail in Gent, Belgium to create lighting chandeliers and fixtures that beautifully adorn residences and industrial spaces alike throughout Europe and now, in a growing number of homes and businesses in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Jan Desmarets studied sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. Master Jef Vermassen gives the following description of this Flemish sculptor: "He is fascinated by the immense power, intense beauty and lean sensuality of specific animals and people, so he cannot resist using his own intensely powerful ability to express the feelings that are in his soul through his artistic creations and to truly bring them to life."

Christine Olmstead  

Christine Olmstead is an abstract artist whose work has exploded since releasing her first collection in 2015. With collectors and corporations, including West Elm, Marrio Hotels, and tech companies in San Francisco seeking exclusive contracts and custom commissions, Christine sells originals and prints worldwide and is always excited to welcome new collectors and partnerships into her brand family.

Christine has been painting and drawing several days a week since she was 18 months old. Her journey has taken her from abstract on in childhood, to hyperrealism in middle school through college mastering various mediums, and back to abstract on in her adult life and professional career.

She is inspired mostly by music, dancing, personal life events, and the pursuit of beauty and peace.

Christine’s goal with all her works is to bring balance and peace into the lives of her viewers. The goal is always to encourage the viewer to look for beauty in the ordinary. “Beauty is all around, peace is always present, choose them, seek them.” 


Jordan Engebreth

Jordan Engebreth was born and raised in Ashburn, Virginia. She graduated from James Madison University with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Studio Art in May 2017. 

Jordan has loved to draw and make crafts at an early age, as well as other creative outlets such as dancing. Jordan is driven and seeks learning experiences whenever possible.  She plans to pursue a career that will channel her love of learning, eagerness to design, and continue her work ethic towards creating pleasing, responsible, and innovative design.  


Kathleen Callery

Born in Patuxent, Maryland, artist Kathleen Callery has studied art in every part of the United States in which she has lived, including:  The University of San Diego in San Diego, California; Florida International University in Miami, Florida; The Corcoran School of Art, Open Program in Washington, DC and; The Art League in Alexandria, Virginia.  A former Torpedo Factory artist, Callery taught drawing and acrylic painting at the Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia, has shown her work in both group and solo shows and was listed in Art in America 2004-2005 Guide to Museums, Galleries and Artists.

Beverley Sharrard

Beverley Sharrard works with acrylic paint, acrylic mediums, handmade and specialty papers, and small sculptures to create unique dimensional wall art. Her intuitive works are created with a love of texture and color, and a passion to create. She is a self-taught artist who pursued her love of creating through various mediums including painting on silk before finally settling on acrylics because of its versatility.

She has studied with several nationally known artists and considers that these classes were helpful in discovering her personal painting styles. Beverley is constantly experimenting with new textures and techniques to help her paintings make a statement.

For the past year she has been directing and instructing night paint classes for her local community. It has brought her great joy to watch people who have never even picked up a paint brush discover their personal artistic abilities. It has led to some students pursuing private lessons. "Creativity keeps me centered, sane and happy."


Fallon Chase

Fallon Chase's paintings come from a deep appreciation and love for the natural world as well as a fascination with the tension between order and chaos therein. Carefully painted with oil paint on canvas, they are meticulous and layered paintings. Sourcing from historical patterns, magazines, and textiles, Fallon collects botanical patterns that she then incorporates into her paintings. She finds flowers in the world around her like forsythia, roses, and magnolias that make their way into her work. As an untended garden unravels itself, so she seeks to unwind the regimen of pattern by disruption, inconsistency, and incongruity. 

Mike Guy

Mike guy's paintings are inspired by the idea of movement within the mind. He starts the paintings with a single drawn line. Alternating planned color schemes and improvisation, the colors and shapes slowly begin to take form around this initial line. This process gives him the opportunity to slowly fill in details to a spark of inspiration and gives him time to consider the initial movement itself. The process is an interpretation of how his own memories begin as a hazy framework but then evolve to become more vivid with each passing moment. An accomplished muralist, fiber artist, painter, and printmaker, Mike's paintings utilize and showcase the breadth of his deep and varied knowledge base. Part painting, graffiti, stained glass, and textile, the canvases are densely packed with glowing shapes that weave in and out of each other.

Chad Lawrence

Chad Lawrence's paintings explore light, surface, and the natural world. His paintings are delicate and careful observations of folding petals or fleeting moments of light across the sky. In his work, he memorializes momentary and fragile subject matter. Painted digitally, he then prints onto surfaces including metal, plastic, and wood. The surface becomes part of the work, both complementing and challenging the painted subject.