A Sweet Endeavor

An educator by training and one who home educated her four children, (also, a recent provider of elder care in the community) Susan Griffin Mercado has always enjoyed art and chocolate. Now she and her husband David Mercado have begun to share this enthusiasm with the community they now call home, Leesburg, VA.

Currently featuring impressive local artists and world famous Neuhaus Belgian chocolate, the large storefront called ART SWEET ART is increasingly garnering notice from the thousands of drivers and pedestrians alike who pass by every week. A growing number is making it a stopping point for the unique experience that blends the sensory experiences of sight and taste.

Since April 2017, the leasing of the space has been underwritten by David’s Event Audiovisual company SOUNDVIEW SERVICES INC. The weaning process has begun to take effect and projections are to be self-sustaining within a year.

As its first chocolate sale, ART SWEET ART provided 400 beautiful gift boxes to a local college celebrating a major anniversary. This kind of corporate gift order stands to make up a major percentage of annual sales, in addition to art sales.

For more information, Susan can be reached at susangmerc@gmail.com and David at david@soundviewservices.com.